Road Trip!

After a quick three days in Orem, Utah, we hit the road on our off day for an 8 day road trip to Billings, Montana. Yes, the very first off day that the team had after 19 straight games (something like that), we were going to be on a bus all day long. Imagine our excitement. We left at 9am and immediately pulled into a Wal Mart (Stop #1). Apparently this was the time to get all the items we might need for the trip. We hit the road again and after a quick hour drive we stopped (Stop #2) in Park City, Utah, which is right outside of Salt Lake City. I found it to be quite ironic that we were stopping here because the day before we left, I was talking with a friend back home and she asked if had been to Park City yet. At that time, my response was “Uhhhh no.” not having a clue what was significant about it. Well, let me fill you in. Park City is where the Winter Olympic Park was built for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. The Olympic Park had all the crazy ski jumps, the long jumps, luge and even the bobsledding tracks open. Basically, after the Olympics they transformed the park into a tourist attraction and a training ground. They had a long zip line down the mountain which our entire team signed up for. It was a whole day’s pay so we were expecting something big!

Ski jumps. Also the top of the mountain that we zip lined down.

We enjoyed our time at the Winter Olympic Park for the first 45 minutes we were there. The next hour is when the problem came. As our entire team is walking towards the parking lot to find the bus, we realize that the massive white thing isn’t there. Nor is it anywhere to be seen! (And we were standing on a pretty large mountain.) So our second stop took an hour longer than planned, and we still had to stop for lunch in Park City. We stop for lunch (Stop #3), and then hit the road again. But wait! We had to stop again (Stop #4) in SLC in order to switch bus drivers. And it wasn’t because our coach ripped him a new one for disappearing on us. Let me remind you, SLC is only about an hour outside of Orem, and it was already 2pm! Well, we hit the road again, and this time for good. That is, of course, until dinner rolls around. We stopped (Stop #5) for dinner. After a nice meal, we continue on our drive that takes us by Yellowstone National Park and into the Big Sky State. This was the best part of the trip. We were literally on a two lane road driving through the valley of the mountains. It was absolutely gorgeous. And remote. So remote, in fact, that we had no cell phone service. FOR 2 HOURS!!! We’ve all seen those Verizon commercials that have the map of the US with all of the red marking their coverage. I spent two hours of my life in one of those tiny little white spots! Oh well, I guess time away from twitter has never hurt anyone. It was absolutely gorgeous though. Imagine how the pictures would have come out if I wasn’t in a vehicle traveling over 60 mphs and behind a very cruddy window. Still awesome though.

Passing by Yellowstone

Those of you who thought we would make it a straight shot to Billings after dinner are wrong. We stopped AGAIN (Stop #6) to get snacks. These stops wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t always make you spend money. I mean, you almost feel bad if you don’t go in and get a water or a chocolate milk. And then you see everyone get on the bus with Beef Jerky or some M&Ms and the cravings start to kick in. So after spending half of my entire trip’s meal money in one day, we continued on to Billings finally to arrive around 1am. Only the Orem Owlz could manage to turn a 10 hour drive into a 16 hour trip. The only consolation was that we were staying in a Crowne Plaza.


10 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. Thanks for the updates. Glad you’re enjoying it. Keep the spirits up. Btw-The senery in Montana is wonderful through out the State(born in greatfalls myself). Maybe if you get some more offtime you can visit some nice fishing spots and take in some more of the senery

  2. Best wishes to you on this MiLB journey. I’ve enjoyed reading about it so far. Go Gamecocks (and Owls, of course.). Take care!

  3. Thanks for the updates and keep them coming. Love hearing about your journey. Miss you in Columbia but know you are living your dream.

  4. did you have any idea minor league life would be like this? Since I live in Greenville, it makes me think about all the Drive players. Great way to keep a journal .

  5. Funny how God works things out, if you had service, you might have missed the beautiful scenery 🙂

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