I recently graduated from the University of South Carolina and am now out in the “real world.”  This blog shares my experiences as I embark on the next chapter of my life.


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  1. Interesting. I wouldn’t have taken you for a blogger; I mean no disresepect or offense. I just like it when I am taken a back and surprised by somebody. I don’t know how many times I have to learn to not a judge a book by it’s cover, until I actually get it! (lol) I have a similar “Catfish” experience. Mine though was where a girl I went to school with was using my photos for online dating. It was weird because, where I do not believe I am hideous, I don’t think of myself as OMG, she’s hot! Haha, so I never really understood why she choose my photos, but her/ “my” boyfriend is the one who told me. He found out some how and sent me this long message about it and then he started leaving comments on photos of my REAL boyfriend and myself saying that it “hurt him to look at photos of me with another dude”. I was just like, Ummmm well you see, I don’t know you! Haha. I think the internet has seriously caused all sorts of “Catfishing” due to it being so easy to hide behind a screen with (most of the time) no fear of someone finding out who you really are.

    Either way, the catfish story is quite entertaining and it is what brought me to your blog, but what caused me to stay on your blog was seeing the name, God. I enjoyed reading that you are putting your dreams and God first in your life. I’m a Christian and am learning daily new ways to walk with God and to make him more and more important in my life. I love the life I am leading right now with him and can’t wait to see where it takes me. I just wanted to say that it was really nice to see on a 22 year old’s blog that he obviously takes his faith seriously.

    BNM. X

  2. Just read your blog on relationships, don’t be in a hurry! I got married at 31, had my first child at 34. We are now going on 9yrs of wedded bliss ( insert sarcastic tone) as women, we change emotionally many times from 21-35, so don’t rush, and don’t feel pressured! God has your plan and time frame! I am glad I was late in life experiencing tese things, mentally, financially, and personally! Forever to thee!

  3. Hey Mr. Roth! My name is Tyler and I recently moved to Vermont from South Carolina. For one of my classes at school, I have to do an interview with someone related to my topic. Obviously, the topic I chose was South Carolina baseball. It would make my project really awesome if I could interview you somehow! I understand you’re probably busy, being in the majors now! But if I could just e-mail you my questions and have you answer them would be really great! If you wish, please contact me at TheTylerDiaz@gmail.com Thanks!

  4. You’re my all-time favorite pitcher at USC. I’ll miss seeing you pitch next year and pump everyone up in the dugout. I hope everything goes well in the future for you. I know you will do great when you go to the Angels. Goodluck. I really hope i might get to meet you someday. That’s my dream. (:

  5. The SC dugout is not going to be the same without you. Thanks for being a Gamecock, and good luck with the Angels, hope to see you on the mound in the bigs soon

  6. I Loved watching you over the years on the field, in the dug out, & in the bull pen. No matter your location the guys & fan spirits knew your presents… May Cocky be able to carry on without your help going in to the 9th…. Miss ALL you did on & off the diamond. May your dreams come true & better thing continue for you as you will be SO TRULEY missed!!!

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